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D.C. United Elects To Pass In MLS Re-Entry Draft Round 1

Pat Phelan was one of many players not taken in the MLS Re-Entry Draft today
Pat Phelan was one of many players not taken in the MLS Re-Entry Draft today

In a surprise to me but perhaps no one else, the first round of the second annual MLS Re-Entry Draft saw only three players get selected to join new teams. D.C. United was one of the majority of teams that elected to pass in this round of the RED.

Leading up to the draft, we had identified three players that United may choose to target in this round. As the draft grew closer though, a suspicion set in that Ben Olsen would not be taking anyone at all. Why? Because every player on the list cut by his previous team. Every player on the list was already unwanted at his current salary. Taking on a castoff isn't what great teams do. That's not how you build a championship team.

No need to rearrange the deck chairs, so to speak.

For example, if a guy like Pat Phelan doesn't appear to be an upgrade over Stephen King, and if he appears to have reached near the top of his MLS potential, selecting him would be irrelevant to what this team is trying to accomplish.

United has only 18 players on the current roster. They have plenty of room on the roster and plenty of room under the cap to make more moves. What they don't have though is plenty of time to start making moves. Training camp isn't far away. If D.C. can duplicate its 2011 success in the draft, in which the team added four solid contributors, that will be a great start. The rest of the additions will come from abroad.