What Are The Best D.C. United Moments Of 2011


I was surprised and disappointed to read Dan Steinberg's list in the D.C. Sports Bog of the supposed "Top 11 D.C. sports moments of 2011", and not see a single mention of D.C. United until the Honorable Mentions. Surely Charlie Davies' amazing comeback belongs on this list. It probably belongs in the top 3 actually, in my opinion. Dan admitted to me on Twitter later that Davies probably should have made the list, but the damage was already done. Screw that list. Let's make our own list of the best D.C. United moments of 2011. There are some obvious selections: a few moments actually in the opener, and Dwayne De Rosario's hat trick against Real Salt Lake. But what else? What specific moments do you remember that others may have forgotten? Leave your comments on our Facebook page via the link above (and Like us on Facebook too while you're at it). I'll summarize and post my five favorites on New Years' Eve.

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