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Happy Holidays, And A Request

Hello! Hopefully you've been enjoying the holiday season as much as I have. After an unintended four day break, I'm ready to get back to business. And we will tomorrow. But first...

With 2012 fast approaching, a period of reflection is upon us. Well one of my personal resolutions for 2012 will be to improve this blog. Black And Red United had a strong year in 2011, but we will no doubt continue to grow, and I want to make sure of it.

And so its as good a time as any to ask for your help. For your opinions, really. I'd love to know what we could do to make B&RU even better.

What are we doing that you really like and want to see more of? And what do you dislike? What stories do you read intently, and what stories do you merely skim or bypass entirely?

Please feel free to leave your comments below, or if you prefer to be more discrete, email us at blackandredunited[at] Or if you want to be really really discrete, make up a fake account and email us. Don't be afraid to offend. I'm asking for it.