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D.C. United Approval Ratings: Conor Shanosky

We're spending the first month or so of the D.C. United offseason grading each player on the roster with an approval rating. A vote for APPROVE means you were satisfied with the player's performance and want to see him back in D.C. next season. A vote for DISAPPROVE means you want United to move on without him. There is no middle ground, so please leave salary and contract implications out of your decision.

We shouldn't expect much from young Conor Shanosky, since he's only 17 years old. Wait... That's not right. No, Shanosky is 20 now. He can play either in central defense or holding midfield, and it's time to start expecting something from him.

Shanosky started two of the three games at center back for Peter Vermes' Generation Adidas team that just wrapped up its tour of Holland. For what it's worth, Shanosky also did manage to start five reserve matches for United this season, but apparently didn't impress his coaches enough to earn any minutes with the first team.

If that happens again in 2012, I'll be shocked.

This offseason so far is playing out perfectly for Shanosky. Not only has he gained valuable experience by traveling to Europe to play with other promising young MLS talents, but he's also seen the top candidate for reserve minutes at his preferred central defensive midfield position disappear. With Clyde Simms now in New England, Shanosky has already moved one step up the depth chart. And passing Kurt Morsink shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

With Perry Kitchen likely to miss several United matches due to the Olympics, someone is going to need to take over his minutes. If Shanosky can prove his worth, he might be the guy.