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D.C. United Approval Ratings: Joseph Ngwenya

Joseph Ngwenya failed to score a single goal for United in the 2011 season
Joseph Ngwenya failed to score a single goal for United in the 2011 season

We're spending the first month or so of the D.C. United offseason grading each player on the roster with an approval rating. A vote for APPROVE means you were satisfied with the player's performance and want to see him back in D.C. next season. A vote for DISAPPROVE means you want United to move on without him. There is no middle ground, so please leave salary and contract implications out of your decision.

Joseph Ngwenya played 16 matches for D.C. United in 2011, but didn't score a single goal on 12 total shots and seven shots on target. Those wouldn't be terrible statistics if he was, say, a defensive midfielder, or outside back. But he's not. He's a forward. Or at least that's what he claims to be. At least that's where he lined up.

Ngwenya had a prolific scoring streak in the MLS preseason, so it was disappointing to see his confidence erode so quickly as the regular season got underway. The depth of his confidence eclipsed in the defining moment of Ngwenya's United career - when he failed to score on a quite simple opportunity against the Portland Timbers with nothing between him and the ball, or between the ball and the goal. Ngwenya could have breathed new life into United's playoff chances for at least a couple more days, but screwing up chances is just what he does.

For what it's worth, coach Ben Olsen was to quick to publicly praise Ngwenya often for doing other things right. Like working hard and putting himself in good positions. But that only gets you so far. A forward who can't score is hardly a forward at all.