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A Few Words From Marc Burch

Marc Burch celebrates his lone goal of the 2011 season
Marc Burch celebrates his lone goal of the 2011 season

Long-time D.C. United defender Marc Burch was selected first overall in the MLS Re-Entry Draft earlier this week, and is on his way to the Seattle Sounders.

United fans greeted the news with mixed emotions. On one hand, Burch was a perennial scapegoat for the team's problems, as he often seemed overmatched at the left back position. On the other hand, he's likable, tough, and a positive influence in the locker room. The day that Burch stole Cuahtemoc Blanco in the face back in 2008, he became a United legend.

I've always felt a special connection to Burchy, mostly because we graduated the same year from the University of Maryland. And so I reached out to him for a few words of farewell to the fans who have cheered him on since 2007. Burch obliged.

As for the fans of DC United, I would love to thank everyone that has supported me and teams of the past 5 years. The teams have been changing a lot over the past few years but all of your support and faithfulness has never changed and there are not many places like this in the league. Through my seasons here I have gained a lot of friends not just on the team or the front office staff, but fans!! And those are relationships that I will never forget and always cherish... Thank you for everything.