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2011 MLS Re-Entry Draft Players/Salaries - Who Would You Pick?

Danleigh Borman could be a member of D.C. United within the next two weeks
Danleigh Borman could be a member of D.C. United within the next two weeks

The first round of the 2011 MLS Re-Entry Draft is this coming Monday Dec. 5, and it appears that the teams around the league are actually starting to get the hang of thi thing.

The RED originated at the conclusion of the 2010 season, but most teams that year were afraid to get their collective feet wet. That doesn't appear to be true this year, as several teams are using the RED as an opportunity to clean house, and begin to rehabilitate their rosters. DC United is one of them. And just as we're seeing far more players eligible for the RED this season, I think we'll also see far more players selected.

Last year, United picked Joseph Ngwenya and Josh Wolff via the RED process. So they were one for two. Perhaps this year, with more options to choose from, the team can do better than 50%.

Below the jump is the full list of players who are eligible for the first round of the Re-Entry Draft and their corresponding salaries (thanks to reader @heypatpat). United has the sixth overall pick.

Chicago- Jon Conway GK $210,000
Chicago - Alec Dufty GK $32,600
Chicago - Baggio Husidic M $124,500
Chivas USA - Andrew Boyens D $210,000
Chivas USA - Chukwudi Chijindu M/F $210,000
Chivas USA - Simon Elliot M $79,000
Chivas USA - Ante Jazic D $123,500
Chivas USA - Zach Thornton GK $162,500
Chivas USA - Mariano Trujillo M $99,225
Colorado - Mike Holody D $32,604
Columbus - Kevin Burns M $210,000
Columbus - Jeff Cunningham F $89,188
D.C. United - Brandon Barklage M $43,567
D.C. United - Marc Burch D $210,000
D.C. United - Steve Cronin GK $72,000
D.C. United - Devon McTavish D $50,000
D.C. United - Kurt Morsink M $63,500
D.C. United - Joseph Ngwenya F $156,000
D.C. United - Santino Quaranta M $117,500
D.C. United - Clyde Simms M $179,250
D.C. United - Jed Zayner D $70,375
FC Dallas - Maykel Galindo D $50,004
FC Dallas - Maicon Santos M $126,000
Houston - Bobby Boswell D $210,000
Houston - Hunter Freeman D $160,833
Houston - Jason Garey F $81,250
Houston - Eddie Robinson D $75,000
LA Galaxy - Adam Cristman M $42,000
LA Galaxy - Frankie Hejduk D $96,000
LA Galaxy - Dasan Robinson D $100,000
League Pool - Chris Sharpe GK $42,000
Monreal - Ryan Pore M $80,000
Montreal - Greg Sutton GK $80,100
New England - Ryan Cochrane D $210,000
New England - Kheli Dube F $99,000
New England - Pat Phelan M $60,000
New York - Chris Albright D $104,133
New York - Bouna Coundoul GK $210,000
New York - Carlos Mendes D $101,300
Philadelphia - Chase Harrison GK $80,590
Philadelphia - Stefani Miglioranzi M $153,125
Portland - Adin Brown GK $210,000
Portland - Rodrigo Lopez M $32,604
Portland - Peter Lowry M $61,667
RSL - Jean Alexandre M $42,000
RSL - Arturo Alvarez M/F $201,923
RSL - Blake Wagner M $42,000
RSL - Nelson Gonzales M/F $110,000
RSL - Rauwshan McKenzie D $42,000
RSL - Andy Williams M 14 $118,000
San Jose - Bobby Convey D/M $210,000
San Jose - Chris Leitch D $106,050
San Jose - Andre Luiz Moreira M $452,500
San Jose - Jacob Peterson M $150,775
San Jose - Scott Sealy F $157,000
San Jose - Andrew Weber GK $65,004
Seattle - Terry Boss GK $44,500
Seattle - Taylor Graham D $60,638
Seattle - Nate Jaqua F $140,004
Seattle - Pat Noonan F $48,000
SKC - Luke Sassano M $55,025
SKC - Shavar Thomas D $32,604
Toronto FC - Danleigh Borman D $42,000
Vancouver - Joe Cannon GK $210,000
Vancouver - Greg Janicki D $45,000
Vancouver - Jonathan Leathers D $42,000
Vancouver - Jay Nolly GK $65,000
Vancouver - John Thorrington M $207,200
Vancouver - Peter Vagenas M $48,000

So who on that list do you think might be worthy of selection? I'll give you my list of three guys I'd be interested in, and I'd love to read yours in the comments.

1. Pat Phelan - At a modest salary of $60,000, Phelan is worthy of a first round selection, and would fill the void left by the departing Simms quite nicely. Phelan isn't a guy that we'll want to see starting 20 games, but he should wind up ahead of The Standard on our depth chart, and should be able to capably step in for Perry Kitchen when the young defensive midfielder is away on Olympic duty.

2. Maicon Santos - He's scored goals everywhere he's been, and $126,000 isn't a bad price to pay for that. He's 27 years old, and the type of hard-working target forward that we could use. Like Phelan, I don't necessarily want Santos starting for us regularly, but he could provide coverage off the bench playing next to Dwayne De Rosario.

3. Danleigh Borman - In case you hadn't noticed a trend here already, I want Borman for depth. With United cutting a significant part of its 2011 bench, the Re-Entry Draft will be a good way to fill it back up. Without much starter quality talent available, the team should be looking for players who are good enough to make the 18-man roster, cheap enough to afford, and young enough to still have some upside. That's exactly what Borman could be for us.