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D.C. United Moving To Baltimore Inches Closer To Reality

Decisions like this one happen in the business world everyday. If a project is over budget and continues to lose money, there is going to come a time when the company cuts its losses and redirects its funds elsewhere. That may just be what DC United ultimately decides to do. They might cut their losses in D.C. They might move to Baltimore.

Decisions like this one happen in the sports world all the time too. It couldn't have been an easy conversation for Kevin Payne to have with Jaime Moreno towards the end of last season when the Team President told the Team's Greatest Player Ever that he would prefer that Moreno retire. It won't be an easy conversation for Payne to have with United's fan base either if the current direction continues.

I don't want to read too much into the news of the day, which may just be more political posturing (although Payne specifically says that he's not bluffing). According to Steven Goff of the Washington Post, MLS has begun surveying residents of Baltimore regarding their interest in supporting a local MLS team.

How should we feel about this? Well on one hand, its just a business decision. The United organization has to do what's best for itself at some point eventually, right? On the other hand, this decision can't be made without involving emotion. Its impossible.

You know that project that's over budget? The one where it would make good business sense to cut it? What if the CEO of the company is the one who founded it? What if this project is his true passion, and he's poured his soul into this project for the last 17 years? Not so easy a decision now.

Listen. I've lived in Maryland my whole life. I've supported United for its entire life. I will still support that team if its moves to Baltimore, but I know plenty of you feel differently. We'd all love to see our boys stay in D.C. But it may be time to start thinking about what we'll do if they don't.