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Cristhyan Najar Scores For D.C. United Vs. New York Red Bulls In Reserve League

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The DC United reserve squad remained undefeated on the season by drawing the New York Red Bulls 1-1 on the road earlier today. Who scored for D.C.? None other than Christhyan Najar, the brother of our own Andy Najar, and a member of United's U-15 Academy team.

Wait what? No, not U-18. Not U-16. U-15.

So maybe by the time United sells Andy to a European team for multiple millions, his little brother can just take his place on the right wing.

Najar wasn't the only young player to contribute. A United U-23 player with the unpronounceable name of Seth C'deBaca also turned in a strong performance. Academy players Bradley Vorv, Patrick Foss, and Jannik Eckenrode also suited up for United.

In other good news, Devon McTavish played a full 90 minutes.

I've always been a big fan of the reserve league. Not only because it provides valuable professional minutes for young developing players who wouldn't find them elsewhere, but also because its a great atmosphere for fans. And also because you wind up with really cool stuff like this:

Patrick Foss


started in my first pro game and played well... wayne rooney's brother was marking me all game