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MLS Week 30 Schedule, TV Options, Predictions

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With just two weeks left in our predictions contest, it seems as good a time as ever to reveal the details of its conclusion.

On Saturday October 22nd, Black And Red United will be hosting a tailgate party in Lot 8 at RFK Stadium. Yes, that's the date of the final match of the DC United, and gawd I hope it still means something at that point. Anyway, we're still working out some final details, but its happening, and it will be your chance to meet the B&RU writers, and hopefully it will be our chance to meet you.

Week 29: Chest 5, AMT 5, Readers 5, Martin 3
Overall: Chest 126, AMT 117, Readers 114, Martin 106

Tuesday October 4, 8:00 PM: New York Red Bulls vs. Los Angeles Galaxy, ESPN2
Martin: LA, Chest: LA, AMT: LA, Readers: LA (C'mon, you know you would've voted for them.)

MLS is just going to keep trying to force this matchup down our collective throat. Thing is, no other American sport has LA-NY as their top rivalry, and they don't force it. Yankees-Red Sox; Celtics-Lakers; Cowboys-Redskins/Bears-Packers/Patriots-Earth. So please, MLS, just stop it with LA-NY. Instead, just remind us how many trophies they've won up in Jersey. (AMT)

Thursday October 6, 9:30 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Real Salt Lake
Martin: Tie. Chest: RSL. AMT: RSL.

I imagine Camilo scores a lot of goals in practice thanks to the disorganized Whitecaps defense. Well, with Fabian Espindola suspended, RSL will have their own pint-sized Brazilian (Paulo Jr.) stepping in to confuse Tom Soehn's squad. (Chest)

Saturday October 8, 7:30 PM: New England Revolution vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Martin: Tie. Chest: SJ. AMT: Tie.

Both of these teams have now been eliminated from playoff competition, and both coaches are probably fighting for their jobs. The Quakes have been playing better lately, so Frank Yallop's job security may have improved, but Steve Nicol is in the final year of his contract. This Dixie Wanderers may be looking for a new coach for the first time since, um, ever?

Saturday October 8, 10:00 PM: Seattle Sounders vs. Philadelphia Union
Martin: Sea. Chest: Sea. AMT: Sea.

I'd say the Sounders will be tired after putting a lot into the Open Cup final, but they're so used to playing every 3 days by now that it doesn't matter. Philly will likely be stretched out of their preferred narrow shape, and the possible return of Mauro Rosales will only make things harder for the Union.