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Take The SB Nation Survey, Please!

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D.C. United is off this week, so you should probably expect a light week of content from B&RU right? Well not necessarily. Don’t let the past two days fool you. We’ll be looking at some MLS playoff scenarios from a United perspective later this week, and we’ll have our increasingly irrelevant predictions post tonight. (So what if we already missed one game this week. Its not like any of you had planned on picking the New York Red Bulls to beat the Los Angeles Galaxy anyway.)

Anything else you’d like us to cover during this off week? Let me know.

In the mean time, SB Nation is asking that every community promotes this survey. They’d like to learn more about your media viewing desires. So go ahead and take the survey when you get a moment. I already did. I told the survey that Bleacher Report sucks and that there’s this one particular blog on the SBN network that I really like because its written from a fan perspective and tells the story of my favorite team from a different angle than all other media publications.

And when you get to the question (the first one actually) that asks you what blog referred you, go ahead and tell that ther' Monkey doing the surveyin' that a little ol' site called Black And Red United sencha.