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D.C. United Protection List For 2011 MLS Expansion Draft

The playoffs kick off tonight, which means that the 2011 MLS expansion draft for the Montreal Impact isn’t far in our future. 10 MLS teams will be losing a player, and we might be one of them.

Fortunately though, DC United is in a good position because so many of our regular contributors are off-budget homegrown players, and therefore exempt from selection. If not for the homegrown exemption, Bill Hamid, Andy Najar, and Ethan White would have to be added to the D.C. United expansion draft protection list, but they, along with Conor Shanosky, are safe. On the other hand though, Perry Kitchen is set to lose his Generation Adidas exemption this season, and will therefore require protection.

And so, thanks to the technological assistance of sidereal from Sounder At Heart, we bring you The Protectinator. Help us crowdsource the protection list by voting for the 11 players on United’s roster that you would protect. Just keep in mind that United will need to protect at least one of its two international players (Dejan Jakovic and/or Branko Boskovic).