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The Black And Red United Tailgate - TOMORROW!

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With a tie against the Portland Timbers on Wednesday, DC United was eliminated from contention for the 2011 MLS Playoffs, but the season isn’t quite over yet. United has one game remaining. Its this Saturday at 7:30 PM against Sporting Kansas City. And if you needed a reason to go, we’ve got one for you.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting the first ever (first annual?) Black And Red United Tailgate in Lot 8 of RFK Stadium before the match. We’ll be kicking things off around 5:30 or so. The three B&RU writers that you’ve gotten to know virtually will all be there. So come meet us, shake our hands, congratulate Chest on his victory in our year-long predictions contest, and toast to the great memories of the 2011 season.

We’ll have a limited supply of food and beverages at one of the tents on the west side of Lot 8 by the food trucks, so stop by, even if it’s just for a few minutes as you wander away from one of the Supporters’ Groups’ tailgates.

I also have a rough draft prepared for the 2011 Benny Awards, but it’s incomplete. So we can crowdsource the thing and discuss it tomorrow. Hope to see you there.