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GameThread 30: D.C. United Vs. Columbus Crew

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Is this a must-win game for DC United? Probably not, but its the closest thing to a must-win game the team has played all year. Not only because United is desperately trying to move into playoff position, but also because they'll want to knock the Columbus Crew out of it. D.C. is currently two points behind the Crew in the standings, but that could change today.

Game time: 4:00 PM


Starting lineup: We have several changes from Thursday's loss to the Philadelphia Union. Charlie Davies and Joseph Ngwenya each return to the starting lineup at forward, while rookie Chris Korb will get his first start at right back in several months. Korb will be joined on the backline by Marc Burch, Daniel Woolard, and Perry Kitchen, who will make a rare move into the middle in place of the injured Ethan White and the suspended Brandon McDonald. Andy Najar, Clyde Simms, Dwayne De Rosario, and Santino Quaranta will line up in the midfield.

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