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D.C. United 1, Chicago Fire 2 - Match Review

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When Dwayne De Rosario converted his penalty kick goal in the 90th minute to put DC United up 1-0, I've got to admit that my eyes got just a little bit watery. You too? Yeah I thought so.

Moments later though, we were reminded that we're not supposed to have good things happen to us. The Chicago Fire did to United just what any D.C. sports fan would expect. Two stoppage time goals completely reversed our feelings about the match. Why must these things happen to us?

The first goal wasn't even a terrible play by our defense. They marked aggressively. It was just a great play by Sebastien Grazzini. And I'm still not sure if the second Chicago goal was even onside.

With the win, the Fire moved ahead of United in the playoff standings, as the overall result of the season moves slighting from "making progress" to "disappointing". United is still mathematically alive in the playoff fight, but I'm not sure it matters all that much anymore.