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MLS Playoffs - D.C. United Not Done Yet

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Come be a part of the celebration at RFK Stadium
Come be a part of the celebration at RFK Stadium

I'm pretty sure that when Twitter was invented, it wasn't intended to be a medium used for a spontaneous poetric riff about a sports team. That's what it was for me this afternoon though as I waxed hopeful about D.C. United and the team's slim and possibly transient playoff hopes.

Why am I sitting here telling myself that might still make the playoffs? / I just can't get it out of my head. / The next 8 days might be the most exciting/elating ever for this generation of fans. / Giving up isn't my nature. I believe in this team. Tweet it if you agree with me

United has three games remaining, and they're all at home. The first two games are against teams that I believe United to be decidedly better than. Saturday vs. the Chicago Fire, who will be missing three of their key starters. Wednesday vs. the Portland Timbers, a team that United defeated handily in their otherwise invincible fortress of a home. And then next Saturday anything can happen. Sporting Kansas City has had D.C.'s number in recent years. Time for some course correction.

Three wins would almost assure United of a playoff qualification. It would also be an exhilirating and fitting end to a really entertaining season. It would be incredible to behold.

As sports fans these possibilities are the moments we live for.

I always go back to Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria. You know how you felt at that exact moment? What if I told you that you might be able to feel that way again? To see a team that you're fully emotionally invested in break through and succeed at the last possible moment...

It's a slim chance, but it's a chance none the less. And you'd hate yourself if you missed it.

I won't miss it. I'll be in the stands at RFK Stadium, using the maximum volume my vocal chords will allow to tell the players I still believe in them.

You can be there too. You should. And you should also join us before the game at the first ever Black And Red United tailgate party in Lot 8. We'll be gathering around 5:30 on the 22nd to share food, beverages, and stories. Exact location TBD.

And if you need a ticket to the game (or any other game of any other sport), get $20 off a ticket through SB Nation and TiqIQ's new program with ScoreBig, a ticket auction site. Click the link to sign up and you can get any ticket to any event for $20 off. Why not use it on the chance to see United do something great that you'll remember the rest of your life?