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D.C. United 1, Vancouver Whitecaps 2 - Player Ratings

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If for no other reason, I'm looking forward to the end of the season so I don't have to keep starting these player rating stories with the number Three.

The insertion of Santino Quaranta into the lineup made an immediate positive impact on the game. I thought he should have started, but then we lose the ability to have an impactful supersub off the bench, so I guess I'll side with Ben Olsen on this one (and most ones). Quaranta's free kick assist was very pretty, but it was just about his only significant contribution. Wasted passes told the story the rest of the way for Quaranta.

The midfielder's free kick was put away by the guy who I would also deem DC United's best defender on the night - Brandon McDonald. His well-placed header started the comeback attempt for D.C., and he was the only defender who I don't think you can legitimately blame for either Vancouver Whitecaps goal.

In his first professional start in a midfield position, Perry Kitchen didn't leave quite the impression that we'd hoped. He was fine. He was probably hampered by an early yellow card, which limited his ability to play too physically in his central defensive midfield role, but I really didn't notice any letdown from Simms. I've got to suspect though that Kitchen will be headed back to his normal right back position for the upcoming games to help shore up the defense.

The broadcast team was giving Andy Najar more criticism than he likely deserved on both Whitecaps goals. Its true that he didn't close down Jordan Harvey quite as expeditiously as he could have, but I place far more blame on the defenders. We'll get to them. Najar added a good attacking element for United, but the team needed to find more ways to get him more involved. United finished with one shot on goal (I miss you so much CP13).

In such a big game, it was really disappointing to see our defense come up so short. Marc Burch was caught out of position by Camilo Sanvezzo for the first goal, and Daniel Woolard was beaten handily by Long Tan in the air for the second. And the crosses came from Chris Korb's side of the field both times, so we'll lump him in with the others. They really dyachenked this one.

I've given him a pass in most of our losses lately, but not so fast this time Bill Hamid. His defenders may have hung him out to dry, but Hamid didn't put up a fight on either goal. Let's get that GAA back down a bit, bro.