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GameThread 31: D.C. United Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

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Welcome to must-win game 1 of 4 for DC United. MLS playoff scenarios and discussions of luck aside, let's just win baby.

In our scouting report earlier tonight, we portrayed the Vancouver Whitecaps as a talented team with significant issues, especially at the back. United will be without leading star Dwayne De Rosario after he went the full 90 for the Canadian National Team against Puerto Rico last night, so the team will be looking for others to step up. Who will it be?

Game time: 10:00 PM (so what are you drinking?)

Television: Comcast SportsNet

Projected starting lineup: United could opt to maintain a similar lineup to what they've been using recently, and just straight swap Josh Wolff in next to Charlie Davies in DeRo's spot at forward. But along with that obvious replacement, I think we'll see some changes in the midfield too. For me, the move is to bring Santino Quaranta into a central midfield role that is slightly advanced ahead of Clyde Simms, with Andy Najar and Austin da Luz on the wings. The defense will once again be the best available options of Perry Kitchen, Ethan White, Brandon McDonald, and Daniel Woolard, with Bill Hamid in net.

This is your place for pre-game, in-game, and post-game discussion.