Castillo released


If, during the preseason, you had told me that Cristian Castillo wouldn't be with United in July, I'd have suspected that either Leon recalled him to Mexico or that there was a massive personality issue. Instead, Castillo's underwhelming play, the rise of Andy Najar, and the fact that Castillo made too much money to ride the pine, all contributed to his being cut loose with just 14 games played in the regular season. In accordance with his tiny impact on the club, I'm only posting a fanshot about it, rather than a full-fledged post. Oh, the indignity! This is definitely a reasonable decisionl. Castillo was never said to have made waves in practice, but his on-field contribution was arguably less than that of Boyzzz Khumalo. He was given several months to make the adjustment to MLS, but it never happened. It's hard to argue that Castillo should have been kept on. Think this means that Boskovic isn't our only new player coming in from abroad? What would be your next move (beyond signing a goalscorer, which I think we all agree is the logical next step)?

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