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Past, present, and future

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I've always intended for DCUMD to be more of a community for United fans than just a guy writing a blog.  We've seen this space morph from a blog that was supposed to cover the connection between DCU and UMD into a blog that is pretty much exclusively related to DC United.  Recently I've found myself writing fewer opinion pieces and spending more time on tracking the way the team evolves over the year.  We've also introduced some new features designed to bring more fans into the picture.  Going into my fourth season of blogging, I'm anticipating further evolution.

Next week, we'll be moving one step closer to being a fan community by bringing in some guest bloggers to give a different take on the team/league.  Two fans and frequent commenters have already stepped up to volunteer, and there may be the opportunity for more fans to get involved in the future.  If you've got something to say about the team that is too long to fit in the comments section, just shoot me an email.

On a separate yet also sort of related note, I will be away next week for a family function and then a short cruise around the Bahamas.  But tune in tomorrow for the next episode of River or Life.