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Guest Blog: AMT's Post About Nothing

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First off, thanks to Shatz for asking me to fill in for a minute around these parts, and thanks to Twitter (Follow me @the_amt!) for bringing fans and bloggers together. Cue the cheesy wink.

Since Shatz asked me to guest-blog last week, I’ve been trying to think of a topic to cover, but most of them just caused me mental and/or emotional pain. Please excuse the hyperbole, I just watched a lot of Bored to Death.

I could always talk about the stadium issue, but that’s nowhere near anything resembling a resolution, and the best location for a stadium in DC hasn’t ever been seriously discussed. For the record, it’s on a deck over the tracks on the north side of New York Avenue in Brentwood. There’s even room for auxiliary fields and buildings and other such accoutrements.

I could go through the roster with a fine-toothed comb and relive the 2009 season, but my therapist and I have been working to avoid that. Besides, it seems a bit on the nose for a guest blog. And in any event, ShatzRiver or Life series and the multi-part autopsy provided by Mikey-boy over at the Fullback Files do a better job of that than I could in this space.

I could write about the fact that I just flipped the TV to Guy Fieri to avoid listening to Max Bretos on FSC, but that horse has been beaten to death already. Unfortunately for us, Max Bretos hasn’t. (I kid! I’m a pacifist. Sort of.)

There’s always the MLS Cup Final this weekend in Seattle. After the big ol’ goose egg of regulation goals provided by the conference finals, I for one am hoping for more scoring in the league’s greatest showcase. As for the result, all logic points to L.A. in a walk, but who really wants to see Becks and Landycakes raising a trophy together? Blegh. I’d much rather see RSL complete the trick the Galaxy used in 2005 by winning the cup after sneaking into the postseason rather undeservedly. Balanced, poetic, painful to LA. A little something for everybody.

I’d love to stick around and "not" talk about other things, but I stubbed my toe this morning. Gotta go rub some placenta on it. I’m sure I have some lying around here somewhere. Cheers.