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The 2009 Benny Awards

The 6th Annual United Awards Reception isn't the only United Awards Reception going on tonight. Because it's also time to announce the winners of the 2009 Benny Awards!

  1. The Richie Award for the most underrated player goes to Bryan Namoff

  2. The Nelly Award for the best newcomer goes to Dejan Jakovic

  3. The Convey Award for the best rookies goes to Chris Pontius

  4. The Donnety Award for the biggest disappointment goes to Danny Szetela

  5. The Grosy Award for the ballsiest player goes to Ben Olsen

  6. The Freddy Award for the biggest story goes to Chris Pontius and Rodney Wallace

  7. The Harkesy Award for the greatest leader goes to Ben Olsen

  8. The Popie Award for the best defender goes to Dejan Jakovic

  9. The Etchy Award for the team's MVP goes to Dejan Jakovic

  10. The Benny Award for the highest ADR rating goes to Chris Pontius