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The Benny Awards 2009

Ah yes, it's the day we've all been waiting for - the return of the Benny Awards!

If you're new to this blog, then you will learn that the Bennies consist of a series of categories, each with four United players nominated. You the fans get to vote on the winner for each category, and the winners are revealed at the end of the season. You can vote up to once per day per category, and once again, you cannot vote for yourself! Here is the schedule for when the voting will begin for each category:

The Richie - Friday, 9/18/09
The Nelly - Tuesday, 9/22/09
The Convey - Saturday, 9/26/09
The Donnety - Friday, 10/2/09
The Grosy - Tuesday, 10/6/09
The Freddy - Friday, 10/9/09
The Harkesy - Tuesday, 10/13/09
The Popie - Friday, 10/16/09
The Etchy - Thursday, 10/22/09
The Benny - Tuesday, 10/27/09

All winners will be revealed the week or two after the conclusion of the regular season.

During the voting for the Nelly last year, after I unfortunately left Santino Quaranta off the list of nominations for an award that he probably would have won, it was decided that I should consult with you guys before finalizing all the nominations. I have a pretty good feel for who should be nominated for most awards, but here's a couple that I'd like to solicit your help on:

The Richie - Who do you consider to be most "underrated" players on United's roster? Doesn't even necessarily have to be a starter, but who do you think is given less credit than he deserves?

The Grosy - This award goes to the player who you look at as a warrior - a gutsy player who ignores injuries, overcomes adversity, and leaves it all on the field. Who does this describe this year?

The Freddy - I sometimes have a different perspective on things as a blogger, so what do you think were some of the biggest storylines for United this year?

I appreciate your help. Please tune in on Friday for your first chance to vote in the 2009 Benny Awards!