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Another roster reset

Never before that I can think of has DC United made so many roster moves so late in the season. It's obvious that the team is trying to make a strong push for the playoffs, and trying to put together the best roster possible before the acquisition window closes for the season.

Since we last spoke, the team has made a couple new moves, including the signing of Lawson Vaughn. So for clarification, here is the roster as it currently stands:

Senior (20):1 Wicks, 2 John, 3 Habarugira, 4 James, 5 Burch, 6 Jakovic, 7 McTavish, 8 Namoff, 9 Vaughn, 10 Szetela, 11 Fred, 12 Gomez, 13 Jacobson, 14 Olsen, 15 Pontius, 16 Quaranta, 17 Simms, 18 Shipalane, 19 Emilio, 20 Moreno.

Developmental (4): 1 Kocic, 2 Wallace, 3 DiRaimondo, 4 Allen

Also on the roster:
Brandon Barklage - Season-ending Injured Reserve
Ange N'Silu - Disabled List as of 8/14. Eligible to return 9/27 vs. San Jose
Boyzzz Khumalo - Disabled List as of 8/25. Eligible to return 10/14 vs. Columbus
Greg Janicki - Disabled List as of 9/11. Eligible to return for second match of first playoff series
Bill Hamid - Signed a Generation Adidas on 9/2. Eligible for the Developmental roster next season

Hopefully that helps clear things up. The most interesting part of this is that with N'Silu eligible to return after today's match, United is going to have to make a roster move to stay within the 24-man limit. Either N'Silu will have to be cut, placed on IR, or someone else will have to be cut or placed on the DL. My guess is he'll be cut, but we'll find out soon enough!