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The officials strike again

I know I'm not the only one who thinks that DC United has gotten screwed by poor officiating multiple times this season, but this is really starting to get out of control. I can now count 7 points that have been stolen from us in 2009. If you're in the mood to be pissed off, view the videos and see for yourself.

3/22/09 DC United tie at LA Galaxy, 2-2
Referees award penalty kick to LA for a handball after the ball hits Rodney Wallace's thigh. Should have ended 2-1 DC. +2 points (Marrufo)

5/17/09 DC United tie at Chivas, 2-2
First goal scored by Galindo after he was clearly a full yard offsides. Second goal scored by Lillingston after another Chivas player had knocked over Louis Crayton with no foul called. Should have ended 2-1 or 2-0 DC. +2 points (Geiger)

5/30/09 DC United loss at New England Revolution, 2-1
Referees call a PK against United after Taylor Twellman falls down on his own in the box. Should have ended 1-1. +1 point (Grajeda)

8/22/09 DC United tie vs LA Galaxy, 0-0
Referees disallow a goal by Emilio for offsides when he was in line with a defender, fail to call a PK for United after Emilio is pushed over by Todd Dunivant, and then fail to call another PK for United after a handball by Miglioranzi. Should have ended at least 2-0, maybe 3-0. +2 points (Geiger)

With 7 more points by my count, DC United would be in second place in the Eastern Conference with 36. Also, LA would drop 4 points down to fourth place in the Western Conference.