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DC United tie vs Toronto FC, 3-3

What an incredible contrast from the previous match. Even though they both ended in ties, this was a much more inspired DC United club, playing against a much more inspired opponent. The match against Kansas City earlier in the week saw two offensive subs (Gomez and Emilio) enter the match and have no impact. This match saw two offensive subs (Moreno and Pontius) enter the match and score two goals.

I watched this match online at the same time as I was the watching the Capitals on mute. Funny coincidence that both games ended regulation at almost exactly the same time, and the score of each at that time was 3-3. Unfortunately for the Caps, it couldn't end that way. But for United, a tie seemed like a fair result to a really exciting match.

1. That was a real nice team setup on the opening goal by Ange N'Silu. His first goal of his MLS career, and a good overall match.

2. Jaime Moreno and Chris Pontius should have started. I'm still trying to figure out who was playing where when we had Moreno, Pontius, Emilio, Gomez, and Quaranta in the match. That's some firepower!

1. Milos Kocic and Dejan Jakovic each had their best halves of the season in the first. Kocic looked comfortable grabbing every cross that entered the box. And Jakovic had several nice tackles, and was calm in distributing out of the back. But their total lack of communication led to the first goal.

2. Bryan Namoff looked good wearing the captain's armband (which was a bit of a surprise since Gomez, Simms, and Emilio have all worn it ahead of him in the past). Namoff is having a fantastic season so far, but his failed toe poke on Toronto's third goal just isn't going to cut it against DeRo.

3. I liked Devon McTavish in central midfield. His left-footed cross helped set up the opening goal. I love how we have competition at just about every position right now. Olsen and Simms are the unquestioned starters at defensive midfield right now, but McTavish put in a strong challenge against Jacobson for the first backup in that slot.

1. This may have been out of character, but I saw too many giveaways by Clyde Simms in this match. And where was he on the last goal?

2. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that Serioux was Rodney Wallace's man to mark on the second goal. Which would mean that's the second time this year he's given up a goal on a free kick.

Five points from three matches in eight days was a couple short of our goal. But this stretch of matches was a huge credit to our early season depth. DC started 19 different players between the two matches this week. Only Namoff, Simms, and Wallace started both. And with KC falling today, and Chicago tying New England, we were still able to hold onto sole possession of first place for at least another week.