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DCUMD Contact Info

Now that I have the gmail app on my blackberry, I'll be responding to all emails pretty quickly. Our email address is:

This blog is predominantly devoted to DC United, and in case you hadn't noticed, so are most of the links that we support. I tend not to link to general soccer blogs, but if you send me an email with a proposed link exchange, I'll certainly take a look at your site.

This blog is purely a hobby of mine, and not necessarily something I ever intended to make money from. We currently have no advertising on the page, and I plan on keeping it that way in the near future. But who knows, things could change, so if you want to contact me, I'll still keep an open mind and listen.

What I am interested in though is marketing and promotion. If you're a marketing or PR guy looking to pimp a product that would fit in well with the focus of this blog, email me with your promotional idea. Because while I'm not in the blogging business for profit, I do love free stuff :)