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DC United tie vs Real Salt Lake, 0-0

Let's put this in a different perspective. It makes sense that eventually DC United was going to go a full match without scoring a goal. Wouldn't you rather that match happen when we also don't allow a goal? And so I don't feel terribly about this uninspiring match as we extend our unbeaten streak to 9 in all competitions.

1. Josh Wicks looked entirely competent throughout the entire match. That's a rare quality in our goalkeeping situation this season. Was that enough to supplant Crayton as our #1 though? No, but it was certainly enough to extend the ongoing competition at least another few weeks.

2. Another good match from Dejan Jakovic. The defense was good in general last night. Although every time Real Salt Lake had a corner or free kick, it was hard not to have the feeling that they were going to score.

1. A fairly productive night from Andrew Jacobson. He did well to break up several plays in the midfield.

2. Christian Gomez looked like our best attacker, including one 40 yard sprint that I didn't know he had in him. But in a scoreless game, it's difficult to rate any attackers very highly.

1. Luciano Emilio was like a black hole. Every ball that went up to him was never seen again.

2. If I was an impartial observer, I would find Fred's misses to be comical. His terrible miss in the Open Cup match was forgettable because of the final score. But his terrible miss in this match could have cost us 2 points.

3. Jaime Moreno just didn't have it for once. Soehn was right to remove him at halftime.

So what did you think of this lineup anyway? On a hot humid night like this was, it makes more sense to me to let the rookies run around for 90 minutes than it does to start all the older guys. That way, we wouldn't have had to endure the sight of Gomez massaging out muscle cramps for the last fifteen minutes.

Does anyone else get the feeling that if RSL had managed to score a goal at some point, DC United definitely would have scored in the last five minutes?