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Ben Olsen on Elliot

For the second year in a row, Ben Olsen had an interview on Elliot in the Morning today promoting the home opener. Here are the highlights:

On his health: I don't think I'll make it to age 60. Elliot asks if Ben has had a conversation with his wife about what will happen if he's bound to a wheelchair: Yeah she said she's leaving me.

On the team's possibility for success in 2009: We need to take it week to week rather than looking down the line, because we don't deserve to look down the line right now.

On Chris Pontius: He's a young little baller. He was very good in all the games in preseason and I'm glad that Tommy showed faith in him. And Rodney Wallace, the kid from Maryland. Both of them came in and didn't play like rookies. That's great, we've been looking for some good young talent for a long while. Hope it doesn't get in their head a little. Elliot asks "Why don't you being a veteran do your proper job and bash the rookies so they don't get a big head?" Ben: That's already been done.

And on his daughter inheriting his genes: She's got the cutest little monobrow you've ever seen. Hopefully she's not too hairy for a little girl.