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The first roster reset of 2009

With the sudden flurry of activities reported by Goff from the RFK grounds, after a long and uneventful offseason to this point, this seems like as good a time as any to reset the roster. This was my bit before it was Fullback's! Changes from last month are in bold:

Senior roster (20 slots): 1 Emilio, 2 Moreno, 3 Doe, 4 Pontius, 5 Fred, 6 Quaranta, 7 Khumalo, 8 Guerrero, 9 Simms, 10 Vide, 11 Olsen, 12 Jacobson, 13 Burch, 14 McTavish, 15 Janicki, 16 Roger, 17 Crayton, 18 Wells Namoff. 2 slots remaining.

Developmental roster (4 slots): 1 Wallace (GA), 2 either Kocic or Thorpe. 2 slots remaining.

International players (assumed 8 slots): 1 Emilio, 2 Doe, 3 Fred, 4 Guerrero, 5 Roger, 6 Crayton. 2 slots remaining.

The big changes that just became official this week are the arrivals of the Brazilian center back Roger and Andrew Jacobson, and the departure of Gallardo. Other changes include the extension of our loan for Francis Doe, a fairly decent indication that Olsen will be back, and the addition of our two first round draft picks who are already under contract with MLS.

Still in the mix for Developmental spots: Brandon Barklage, Mike Zaher, Ryan Miller.
Still in the mix for Senior spots: Dom Mediate, Kyle Veris.