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Awarding the Richie, the Nelly, and the Convey

Our first recipient in the inaugural Benny Awards is Clyde Simms, who won the Richie Award with 53% of the vote. I thought this award would be much closer with heavy competition from Bryan Namoff early on, but Simmsy eventually pulled away for the victory.

In a bit of a surprise, the Nelly Award for the biggest contribution from a newcomer went to Louis Crayton. Despite playing only half a season for the team, and having a fairly mediocre 1.58 GAA, the underdog Crayton earned the victory, defeating more overpriced newcomers like Marcelo Gallardo.

I totally agree with the outcome of the voting for the Convey Award, because I think that Ryan Cordeiro was the best rookie on the team with the most potential and deserved to win. But I do question the integrity of this poll a bit. How come 91 people voted in this poll, but no other poll had over 50 votes? Perhaps there was some kind of Huskie Conspiracy?

Tune in next week as we reveal the winners of the Donnety, the Grosy, and the Freddy. Voting in these categories ends on Saturday, and there's one category that is still too way too close to call.