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Can we laugh about it yet?

Last night I was pissed. Today, I'm over it. We weren't going anywhere in the CCL anyway, so unless Martinez's injury is significant, we really didn't lose anything important yesterday. I'm ready to just look back at that match and laugh. Because really, what a freakin embarassment for CONCACAF that was. That match was hardly a representation of what any competition called the "Champions League" should look like.

The best part of all though is that if you go to google and type in "referee roberto moreno" (with or without the quotes), the first link you get is my blog post from last night. Guess what... He deserves it! It will take Moreno a long time to live that one down.

And that was even before the second goal! And before the second United keeper was ejected! Has anyone ever seen a match before where two goalkeepers on the same team were given red cards? Hilarious is how I'll remember this match. Hopefully the players feel the same way and won't let this demotivate them at all. When Martinez was on the ground, I would have loved to see all the other United players, including Crayton, just take a seat on the ground also. I wonder if that would have gotten Cruz Azul to stop play. Probably not. I'm sure they still would have celebrated, the fans still would have sang, and that stupid train horn still would have blared.

1. Our center backs Gonzalo Martinez, Bryan Namoff, and Marc Burch all played admirably. I'm not 100% sure that Martinez wasn't to blame on the first goal, although Miles and Dunseth felt certain that it was Zaher's responsibility to mark two men. But obviously no one was to blame on the second goal besides a bit of poor sportsmanship.

2. It's such a shame that James Thorpe wasn't given an opportunity to play the whole match, because he was playing well, and I'm sure his confidence was building. I think it's safe to say that Thorpe played his way back onto the roster for next year, so United won't have to use any draft picks on keepers for once. And if for some reason Wells didn't return, I might even be satisfied with the Division II keeper of the year as our #2.

1. This was my first time seeing Ryan Miller, and he was alright. Seemed to be very cool and composed. He needs to do a better job of marking though. It was Miller's man who got a free header on goal that hit the crossbar somewhere around the 15th minute or so. If Miller's defensive abilities don't improve, I don't see him supplanting Cordeiro on the depth chart at left wing.

2. How about Quavas Kirk earning his first clean sheet in 4 minutes of action between the pipes! I honestly thought the ref would give Q-Nasty a straight red for taking too long to put on the keeper gloves.

1. Troubling that this isn't the first time I've had to say that Craig Thompson was the weak link in this match, but again, it's not really his fault. Hopefully the coaching staff will learn soon enough that he isn't tall enough, quick enough, or aware enough to be a defender. Why not play McTavish at right back?

Ah well. At least now we're officially eliminated from this thing so we don't have to worry about it interfering with league play again until next year. Oh wait, we still have another meaningless match against Marathon? Dammit!

Anyway, I'm just ready to suck up my pride and pour my support into the Chicago Fire tomorrow night. Let's hope old No-Neck can deliver a victory over NY and help us into the playoffs!