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Introducing the Benny Awards!

Today marks an important day for the DCUMD blog, and for the entire DC United franchise in general. It is the day that we unveil the new gimmick that may soon become this blog's trademark. That's right, it's the Benny Awards! (also known as the Bennies)

Over the course of the rest of the season, each Tuesday we will release a new award category, and you the reader will be able to vote. There will be 10 categories overall, and for each category, you will be able to vote through the remainder of the year (meaning you'll have more time to vote on some than others). And to all the players out there who are thinking about it, you can't vote for yourself (ha!)

The categories will be...
1. The Richie - Winner: Clyde Simms
2. The Nelly - Winner: Louis Crayton
3. The Convey - Winner: Ryan Cordeiro
4. The Donnety - Winner: Zach Wells and Jose Carvallo
5. The Grosy - Winner: Santino Quaranta
6. The Freddy - Winner: Santino Quaranta
7. The Harkesy - Winner: Ben Olsen
8. The Popie - Winner: Bryan Namoff
9. The Etchy - Winner: Jaime Moreno
10. The Benny - Winner: Jaime Moreno
(updated with results 11/25/08)

What does all that mean? You'll just have to check in next week to find out.