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Raining on the parade

This was the first non-Open-Cup game of the season that I didn't see either in person or on tv, and that's probably a good one. Because aside from maybe the match at RSL early in the year, this was easily DC's worst performance yet. I should have taken the Fullback approach and prepped for this game with some red wine, or better yet, I should have been taking in the game with my arch nemesis Jose.


1. It sounded like Bryan Namoff bailed us out quite a few times on the defensive end, although I didn't stay up to hear what happened on Ching's goal.

1. I was thinking early in the match that Gonzalo Martinez was having his worst in a United uniform, and then he caps it off with a red card. Not good. But that's okay, because we have loads of talented defenders waiting on the bench right?! It's not like Chalo was getting beat by Donovan or anybody of stature either. Brian Mullan? C'mon!!

2. Fred was given an opportunity to shine in his beloved CAM role, but he failed miserably. DC had no possession in the midfield, and I've got to think that the reason for Carroll being yanked was Fred's poor performance. As I've said before, we're just better off with Fred on the wing. Hopefully others will start to realize that too.

3. It's clearly a sad state of affairs when the answer to our problems in the midfield is Rod Dyachenko.

I'm still not ready to write this team off, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, obviously, is the injuries. Getting back Gallardo and Peralta will be huge. Secondly though, this team has already had its share of ups and downs this year. Right now they're down, but they'll go back up again. It's just really unfortunate that this match didn't happen when it was first scheduled when we were on a winning streak. But this was not a must-win game for us. Those are coming up immediately following the all-star break, when we've got 4 conference games in a row.

With the All-Star game looming tonight, and United now enjoying a week-and-a-half break, I'll be taking the opportunity to do some mid-season reviews. Stay tuned.