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United streaks continue

DC United can now boast of a 4 5 game unbeaten streak. But how about a streak of 2 underwelming wins at home against weaker opponents? Makes you wonder how this team will fare against a much better team in the Galaxy next week.

1. Clyde Simms extends his goal scoring streak to 2 games, and has another solid performance in the midfield.

2. Luciano Emilio extends his goal scoring streak to 4 games, and although he disappeared at times throughout the match, his consistency as a scoring threat will continue to open up other options for DC as opposing defenders keep marking him tightly. It's nice to have confidence in him again. I'm sure I'm not the only fan who felt sure that he was going to score in that 1 v. 1 opportunity in the box; and he did.

1. Every member of the DC starting backline now has at least one goal this year as Gonzalo Martinez tallied the game winner, taking advantage of a nice long spell of possession in the San Jose third. Chalo might earn MOTM honors, but I still refuse to put any defender in the Top category until we can get ourselves a clean sheet.

2. At least two potentially goal-saving tackles from Devon McTavish, but also some very loose marking and a lack of pressure by McTavish and Peralta led to the Quakes' goal.

1. I don't think we lose a whole lot of overall talent when Marc Burch starts in place of Quaranta, but we definitely lose a lot of energy. Burch appears to be in danger of losing his job as 12th man to Ryan Cordeiro.

2. Another shutout wasted by a mistake by Zach Wells.

The past two weeks, DC has beaten the teams that they are supposed to beat. And that's good and continuing to do that should get us into the playoffs. But it's not inspiring a whole lot of confidence that we'll do very well in the playoffs, or in international competitions. After the win on the road against Chicago, I think we were all starting to expect a bit more. A matchup at home against the best team LA has fielded in years will be a good test to see if we're ready to take it to the next level. And then the real challenge comes to town with the Superliga.