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MLS fantasy tips

With the MLS Season 1/4 over, my domination of the "DCU Bloggers Unite" fantasy league continues! Actually, I lie. The Decimators started the year in sixth place out of seven when the seventh place team has yet to earn any points, and I've been in second place to our pal Six Yards North up until just this weekend. But in honor of my very limited and probably short-lived success, I'd like to share some fantasy wisdom with the masses. Here are some tips that I've compiled so far this season that you can use in your fantasy leagues:

1. Start as many members of the Columbus Crew as possible. That means three players and one coach. As much as it pained me to drop Tommy in favor of Sigi, my combination of Schellotto-Rogers-Hesmer-Schmid earned about 70% of my points last week.

2. Start any defenders playing at home against DC United. You're guaranteed a clean sheet! Hopefully we'll see an exception to that this weekend against the battered and bruised Chivas defense.

3. Drop Marc Burch. I thought he would be great value for the money as a fantasy prospect because he has the potential for some Burchie-bombs, clean sheets, and assists. But of course he's earned zero of the first two, and only one of the latter. With his temper though, Burch is much more likely to earn yellow cards than assists.

4. Start Donovan and Beckham. Sure, they're expensive. And I was way too late to this party. But there's only been 2 games so far this year that neither one of them scored a goal.

5. Start any members of the Chicago defense. Apparently Chris Armas and CJ Brown are trash, because the Fire is the best defensive team in the league without them.

6. Given my previous comments, this might be the first and last time I ever write this in this blog, but a 3-5-2 formation is the way to go.