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And so the countdown continues

Am I the only one who feels like watching that game was a waste of my time? Really an ugly match, with a lot of giveaways by each team. Neither team looked like they should be in the playoff hunt, save for maybe Toronto's defensive unit. At least last week at Chivas it appeared that both teams really wanted to win.


1. It was good to have Fred back certainly. Good energy, good creativity, but also too many giveaways. Fred was a header towards either side of the goal rather than right up the middle away from earning top honors.

1. Sorry but Devon McTavish has to be the goat for the most bone headed play by a guy in a DC uniform yet this year. How come these things always happen to us this year, but not against us? Shouldn't karma be turning by now? Or does karma want us to fire our coach too?

2. Jaime Moreno looked like the worst player on the field. If the MLS kept "turnovers" as a stat like the NBA, then Jaime would have had at least 6 of them in the first half. Not to say that this is a comment on Moreno's future in general because he's played some good games this year, but I'd like to see Quaranta get a chance next to Emilio in the home leg.

3. Do you think Marcelo Gallardo feels like he's the only good player on an otherwise crappy team? Like he's the Lebron James to United's Cavaliers? I figured that Gallardo would be the only player unaffected by the streamers on corner kicks, being the only guy with enough international experience to have seen that before. When we have our own stadium, can we locate seating near the corners like at BMO? Except that in typical southeast DC tradition, the fans will shoot guns instead of throwing streamers.

This is plain and simple now. If United earns anything less than 3 points on Saturday, Tom Soehn should and will be let go. Which is actually a bit unfortunate because I don't think he can be blamed for this loss whatsoever. I liked this starting lineup. But I wouldn't be surprised to see a switch back to the 3-5-2 in despiration on Saturday. But with Dyachenko not seemingly in the team's immediate plans, who will occupy the central midfield spot next to Simms? Here's my lineup: