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Peace Out Moose

Today we bid farewell to another one of the most featured players here on DCUMD, our pal Justin Moose. He will be joining several other former United players in the greater northwest with the Vancouver White Caps. I have to think that that's probably a pretty good team now in the USL. Moose and Nick Addlery are both pretty solid players who each earned a few starts with the MLS team that won the Supporters' Shield last season. That's a nice line on your resume. I think either one of them would be able to make regular appearances for San Jose, but chose to pursue more playing time (and maybe even more money) in the USL.

What I liked about Moose: He seemed to really work hard when on the field. He sprinted all over the place on the right wing, and I thought he would get some playing time this year as relief for Olsen late in some matches. But it was a bad sign that he didn't make the 18 man gameday roster for any match yet this year.

What I didn't like about Moose: He's not as talented defensively as some of our other wing options like Mediate, McTavish, and now probably Cordeiro too. Also, I'm not sure his fitness level was high enough to play a full match.

Regardless, I'm sad to see Moose move along, and wish him luck. Maybe in the US Open Cup we can have a rivalry match between the 2008 Reserves and 2007 Reserves (Vancouver).