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Ben Olsen on Elliot

Ben Olsen gave an interview on Elliot in the Morning yesterday. Not quite as many juicy tidbits as Burch's interview, but still totally quality stuff:

On his ankles: "The right one turned out alright and the left one I had to go in again. And we're trying not to go in again, we're trying to look at other options, see what's going on. And it's frustrating when you don't know why you can't run, and doctors don't know why you can't run, so we're kinda scrambling right now... In the past I've been at fault for playing through things and then hurting it worse. I'd like to think my pain tolerance is pretty high, especially in my ankle since I've dealt with pain there for so long. You know if something's not right. I tried to run a couple times and it started getting worse. I actually tried to play a little bit and it put me out for a couple days with pain, not being able to walk really well. I'm pretty sure something's wrong. I'm going crazy. I want to get back as quick as possible, but there's no sense doing it if you can't run."

On Zach Wells: "The poor kid's living in my basement. He's a southern California kid like most goalies."

On the new additions: "They've been great on the field so far. And they're great in the locker room. There's a lot of bad spanish being thrown around by the gringos."

On David Beckham: "My contract looks nothing like Beckham's. Not even a quarter of his."

And finally, on hair growth, and why he doesn't have any tattoos like some other guys on the team: "I've got enough on my body, hair-wise. I can't really do all that. I'll be too busy. I'm a hairy guy! I've got a nice David Haselhoff like hairy chest, ya know. I can't put any tattoos on there to make me look even crazier."