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Runaway. Run run run run, runawayyyy

Wow, what a game. Even before United ran away with it after the 60-minute mark, this was a totally exciting game. Obviously 5-0 is an incredible result, but it's the 0 that stood out to me more than the 5 for most of the match. I tallied only 4 legitimate scoring opportunities for HVFC, and I don't think they had one shot on target in the first 60 minutes.

1. Devon McTavish - Give him some credit, the dude is a goal scoring machine! With 3 goals in 2 matches, I think Devon has a pretty good shot at breaking Lassiter's record and scoring a total of 45 goals this year.
2. Luciano Emilio - After being pretty quiet for 150 minutes of soccer, Emilio demonstrated his usual clinical finishing and Champions' Cup domination by notching 2 more goals.
3. Fred - Kept the Jamaicans on their toes for the entire game, and then even got to do the baby dance with a goal at the end. Although its kinda weird that he had a pacifier in his shorts for the entire match...
4. Barra Brava - Totally totally cool to have the "Gracias Christian" sign out there. Do you think Dallas will have a "Buena Riddance Denilson" sign for their first match?

1. Bryan Namoff - Consistent as always in the back. And remember what I wrote about Burch yesterday? Same goes for Namoff.
2. Gonzalo Martinez - Really could put the entire back line on here. I almost wonder if United is under-utilizing Chalo. His speed is sick!
3. Tom Soehn - Proving that he knows much more than the blogging public when it comes to picking his starting lineup. But what was with the suit? Was he on his way from a job interview or something?

1. Santino Quaranta - Actually he played really well, I'm just giving him a hard time because of, well, his shoes. Good old GoldenBoy. In my opinion, you should have to earn the right to wear special boots. Moreno has earned it. Even Taylor Twellman I'm fine with. But not Tino. Not yet.

So yeah. Are we excited yet? The sky has stopped falling? Sweet.

Anyway, I think I'm going to read more into the first 60 minutes than the final 30. We completely shut down the opposing team's attack, and had many good opportunities, but only one score. United is going to win a lot of 1-0 games this year. And I'm ok with that.