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Mediocre start to the year

Last night's match saw the debut of my new player ratings system. And tonight: the debut of my player rating icons...

1. Marc Burch - So energetic in both halves of the field. I see a theme developing this year with the Burch/Fred combo. More on that later.
2. Clyde Simms - Looked like the best player on the field at times.

1. Zach Wells - Very quick and aggressive. Not at all afraid to come up to the top of the box to challenge a defender. Almost Perkinsian!
2. Gonzalo Peralta - The dude is effing huge! And fast. And loud. Every time the Ref calls a foul, you see Peralta standing over the ball talking to him. Reminds me of Olsen, but taller, and with less facial hair.
3. Devon McTavish - Early in the game I had him slotted in the lower category. That is until he scored a goal. He seemed a bit too tentative in the attack. That is until he scored a goal.

1. Luciano Emilio - Not his best game, but he had a few poor games last year too, so it's nothing to worry about. I was hoping that being handed the captain's armband by Moreno would inspire Luci, but I guess not.
2. Bryan Namoff - This might be more of a credit to Burch/Fred than a knock on Namoff/McTavish, but you would think that since Namoff and McTavish played next to each other for most of last year that they would be able to communicate better. And because, um, they actually speak the same language!

I also thought Soehn could have used his subs a bit earlier with a lot of tired legs out there. The Stratford sub was fine, but I also would have liked to see Mediate for McTavish or Namoff, or maybe Dyachenko for Gallardo.

All in all, not an unfair result when you consider its our first competitive match with this team and they've been playing together for months. And we were missing our two emotional leaders. United should be able to take care of business next week with the home crowd and a familiar playing field. But at least now we have some idea what to expect from all these fresh faces.