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Tony Schmitz

There's really not a lot that I can say about Tony Schmitz that hasn't already been said here by someone much smarter than me.

Schmitz is fairly versatile, playing different positions at Creighton including withdrawn forward, winger, defensive midfielder, and flank back. His main strength at a collegiate level seemed to be at CDM, but in each of the first two scrimmages for United, Schmitz has seen time playing as an outside back. That's definitely a spot where we could use some depth, so I'm all for it!

What's strange though is that no one else really knew about this guy. So why take him here? Seems to me like it would have made more sense to pick Owens, and wait on Schmitz as a Suppie. Or they could have even taken a guy like Xavier Balc instead, who everybody had ranked much higher. I just don't get it.

Just like I said about Cordeiro, I think Schmitz should have a good chance of making the roster, if only because most of United's Developmental players from last year are now either moving on up to the regular roster, or have been cut. Schmitz's only competition is likely to be from a young man named Pat Carroll who plays a similar position. We'll see how this plays out.