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'Tino versus 'Mil versus Moose

That's how it looks like this is developing. And after only one day of officially training with the team, I think it may be the newcomer with the inside track. It should be noted that Quaranta at age 23 is technically eligible for a Developmental roster slot for one more year. But judging from the fact that he already has offers from other clubs, I find it unlikely that he will accept a Developmental contract here with the salary that that would carry. That's why I think he's in competition for the final roster spot on the full team.

For my professional in-depth analysis of Moose and Walker, take a look at this previous thread, but for now let's focus on the kid.

Santino Quaranta

1. Talent - There's no doubt that 'Tino would be among the most talented players on the team from the day he signs. If he signs.
2. Value - If Quaranta earns a contract, I'm guessing it would be in the range of $40K to $60K. Purely a guess. But that's down from the over $100K that he has earned for the rest of his career. If he's as good as we thought he would be six years ago, then we'll be getting him now at a huge bargain.
3. Popularity - And I don't mean with the fans, although that will come too if he makes the team. I mean with his teammates. I'm sure Walker and Moose are likeable guys too, but if Coach Olsen wants to lobby Coach Soehn to add Q to the roster…
4. Dedication/Hunger - More than anybody else on the team, Quaranta has a heluva lot to prove. And he knows it. He's out there fighting for his career. But of course so are Walker and Moose.

1. Dedication/Laziness - He was traded and cut by his previous two teams for a reason. I'd like to take 'Tino at his word when he says that he'll work harder this time around, but his history cannot be ignored.
2. Injuries - We used this as a knock against Walker too, but Quaranta has been injured several times now, so it's definitely a concern. Although he does say he's in the "best condition of my life."

The theme for this offseason, as we've discussed before and will discuss again, is replacing the known with the unknown. That's why I think Quaranta will earn his way onto the team. That and these other two hints:

1. These quotes from Walker and Soehn that he's not at full speed or full strength.

2. Moose being in North Carolina the past couple of days instead of training with the team in DC. If he's smart, he's down there doing some job interviews.

I've been rooting for Moose all along, because he's got so much energy, but mostly because he's an easy target to poke fun at. But I've got to say that as a blogger, Quaranta looks like he could provide us with some great material.