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Quavas Kirk

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Is Alexi Lalas even a fan of the Galaxy? A trade like this makes me wonder if he really has much interest in winning.

Ok let me back it up. I guess if you're looking at the Greg Vanney / Quavas Kirk trade purely in terms of on-the-field talent, it's actually pretty even. Vanney started most of the year for DC, and should start and provide a bit of veteran leadership in defense for the Galaxy, a group that gave up the second most goals in the league last year. Kirk is young, fast, and talented, but he's currently "unrefined". Sure, he started five games for LA last year, but let's be real... Jeff Carroll could have started five games for LA last year too.

But unfortunately for LA, there's a lot more to this trade than just on-the-field talent. And that's where DC wins, and has won this whole offseason. Two things that LA apparently didn't take into consideration:

1. Greg Vanney obviously wasn't going to play for United this year. In any other sport, that would drive his price down. It's a whole supply and demand type thing. Like last year when Randy Moss obviously wasn't going to play for the Raiders, his price went down and the Patriots only had to give up a fourth round draft pick to get him. I was only expecting to receive a second or third round draft pick at best for Vanney. This is a major bonus.

2. Quavas Kirk remains a Generation Adidas player, meaning that his $111,000 salary will not count against the salary cap, and more importantly, he is eligible for a spot on the Developmental roster. I'll never understand how the Galaxy can manage to fit Vanney's salary under their cap, along with all the Beckhams, Donovans, Xaviers, Ruizes, and Martinos of the world.

But enough about the ineptitude of the LA front office. What does this do for DCU?

Well obviously it's a bit more depth on the flank. Kirk could maybe compete with Dominic Mediate for playing time. And this could also potentially affect our ongoing 'Mil versus Moose debate, making Justin Moose just a bit more expendable.

But I'm going to make a prediction here. With Kirk's size and speed, he seems to be exactly the type of player that Soehn and Company like to try to convert into a wide defender. It worked for McTavish and Burch, it didn't quite work for Gros or North, but I think they will give Kirk a try in the back at some point.

This also means that we've got some real competition now for the final of 10 Developmental roster spots. Judging only from the scrimmage match reports that I've read, I would guess that Tony Schmitz, Grady Renfrow, and Ardalan Attar might be the ones in trouble.

I wonder if Quavas Kirk could turn into a leader for the team. Maybe someday he will even be able to wear the Captain's armband. Then we would have to call him.......... (That was just too easy)