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'Mil versus Moose

No, it's not some new stupid reality game show. It's the first installment in a new occasional series of posts highlighting some of the position battles that will undoubtedly take place throughout this season of change for DC United.

If you were with us this morning, you saw my analysis of the senior roster as it currently stands, with the final slot likely to be a competition between Justin Moose and Jamil Walker. The conventional wisdom has been for many months that Moose is unlikely to make the team, but I think he's got a shot. So let's break it down...

Justin Moose
1. Energy - With Gros gone, we need someone who can run up and down the wing all day.
2. Position - Wide midfield was identified by many as an area of need for United this offseason. If Olsen's injuries persist, then Moose could be second on the depth chart behind Mediate at right midfield. He's also spent some time in a CAM role in scrimmages, and could provide another option behind Dyachenko if Gallardo gets injured or needs a break.
3. Music - Moose is the sickness
1. Defense - He just doesn't play it. At least not well. In this aspect he is very un-Grosian
2. Height - We've already filled our quota of dwarves this year. Moose would have a lot of walks if he played baseball. He's got no strike zone. I mean how do you pitch to a guy whose shoulders and knees are in basically the same location?

Jamil Walker
1. Speed - He reminds me of Kpene. That is if Kpene knew what a net looked like.
2. Experience - This is huge. He had 41 appearances with the first team from 2005-2006, with 3 goals and 8 assists.
1. Injuries - Sat out the entire 2007 campaign.
2. Position - Unless he can surpass Kpene or Niell on the depth chart, Walker is likely in competition with a younger Jerson Monteiro for the fourth forward position. Not a good place to be.

So with all of that said, it looks like we're giving the slight edge to Moose based solely on his musical ability. Maybe if we found out that 'Mil could dance then this would be a draw.