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It's another slow news week, which is really debilitating the United blogosphere, which seemed to be at its strongest just a couple of weeks ago. Why can't we start just trading players for the heluvit? Or sign some dude just to cut him the following day. At least that would give us something to write about.

But actually we should count our blessings that the team is in good enough shape right now that we're not still searching the foreign market for players, like a lot of other teams in the league are. The flurry of activity in January has led to a pretty stable February, and I guess that's a good thing.

We might see things pick up around here tomorrow when United returns to RFK for training. It could be interesting to see who is there and who is not. Surely Goff will have a full report for us tomorrow. I'd go down to the auxiliary fields myself if I thought I would have any chance of telling apart guys like Dane Murphy and Grady Renfrow.