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Patiently waiting

Still lots of unofficial uncommented unannounced things happening in the world of United. Jose Carvallo (G), Franco Niell (F), and Gonzalo Martinez (D) all seem likely to join the team in the coming weeks.

I had given up on Gonzalo Peralta (D), but now he might still be coming too, unofficially. Last we had heard on Peralta, he wanted to stay with his Argentine club until the end of their season in June. At the time, that sounded like a deal breaker. But now if Martinez is definitely coming, then Peralta is a bit less likely to be a full-time starter, and could help provide some midseason relief for Martinez, McTavish, and Vanney(?).

But the biggest unannounced announcement that we've heard so far this week is that Jaime Moreno has agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in DC for two more years. That's a big win for the good guys! Moreno continues to be the captain and leader of the team, so despite all these other changes, having him back will be a huge step in the direction of stability. And now all of a sudden we've got solid depth up top. In a matter of a couple weeks, we went from potentially having a starting lineup of Emilio and Kpene as forwards, to now having Emilio, with maybe a rotation of Moreno and Niell in the starting lineup, and Kpene occassionally in relief. Things are definitely starting to unofficially look up.

I'll post about the draft picks later when I get a chance to do a bit more research on them. But in the mean time, there's only one thing to do while we wait patiently for some announcements...

"I trust the front office. I trust the front office…"