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Gonzalo Martinez, Jose Carvallo, Said Godinez

Wow. What a crazy week this has been.

Today we've got THREE new rumors about Spanish-speaking players possibly coming to DC United. I said in a previous post that we can take advantage of the new/revised foreign player rules by acquiring 3 or 4 mid-salary foreign talents. We've got the cap space, and we've got the extra foreign player slots.

It's hard to have much faith in these reports from the South American media. My feeling is that whenever there a South American player is in talks with an MLS team, the media could just assume that it is DC United. But who knows, 1 or 2 of them could be true.

So here are the latest possible acquisitions:

Said Godinez
Midfielder, 32, Mexico
Longtime member of UAG Tecos in the Mexican 1st division. Wears the number 7 so I'm encouraged that he could be a winger, but apparently only has 11 goals in his career. Tecos is not consistently a good team in the league, having only one winning season in the last 6.

Jose Carvallo
Goalkeeper, 22, Peru
Has 1 cap for the Peruvian national team, so that's promising. His club Universitario is regularly one of the top few teams in Peru's 1st division, and he's nice and young. Looks to be coming to the US to get noticed by clubs in Europe. Hopefully he can give Wells some competition for the starting job here.

Gonzalo Martinez
Defender, 32, Columbia
Definitely the most promising of the three I think, and plays the position where we need the most help. Martínez was part of the Columbia squad that won the Copa America 2001 as well as playing in the qualifiers for the 2002 World Cup. I guess since the Peralta deal fell through, we had to go find another Gonzalo, and this looks like a good one.

Between Niell and these three guys, we better come away with something decent this offseason. Hoping for an announcement from the front office soon.