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Brandon Owens

And to round out our report on the three Suppies selected by DC United this year, we have Brandon Owens. Again, this is United smartly addressing one of our biggest needs: depth at center back. Owens is not Chance Myers, but he was a four-year starter for UCLA, the pre-season #1 in 2007, and has experience with the National Team at the U17 and U20 levels. He was even captain for the U17s at the 2003 World Youth Championships, so he's got some leadership ability.

Owens seems to be one of those guys that came out of high school with a whole lot potential, but hasn't quite lived up to it yet. He was a first-team all Pac-10 player his freshman year, which is a nice accomplishment, but it appears on the surface at least that he's regressed a bit since then. Owens sat out the entire 2006 season with a torn ACL, so that's not a great sign either.

So I don't really expect Owens to be a first team contributor for DC United anytime soon. At least not with the Gonzalos around. But hopefully he can at least stick around a bit longer than Brad North.