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Offseason Trends

It's crazy to think that the MLS season ended less than a month ago.

We've seen so many changes since then it's ridiculous. Carroll, Boswell, and Perkins are all gone. We'll probably be adding Gomez's name to that list by the end of the month. And now the one huge story that we were expecting this offseason has fallen through. Veron will NOT be coming to DC.

I think the next week could be interesting too. I believe Gomez's contract is up December 31st. I don't know how much negotiations really take place during the week between Christmas and New Years, so I'm thinking a deal needs to either happen this week, or it's over. Recent history would say that they might work a little harder to get the deal done now. The team seemed to be very reactionary when they found out Perkins was leaving. First it was going to be Joe Cannon, then it turned out to be Zach Wells. My point is, the team was very quick to react. I wonder if they will be quick to react to the Veron deal falling through and make a quick move on Gomez.

But I'm seeing a trend develop lately that is a bit scary. The trend is that all of DC United's big deals lately have been falling through. The team has been unable to close on some potentially huge moves. First Poplar Point, and now Veron. I'm not here to blame anyone or say that this is indicative of anything else in the past or the future. I'm just sayin...

We really need some good news to turn all this crap around.